Wednesday, April 27, 2022
9:05 AM
9:35 AM
  • Personal perspective on IT vs. Digitalization
  • Success factors for deriving business value:

           o    Understand the business value you are going for
           o    Define what success looks like
           o    Organizational preparation
           o    Quickly deliver business value on a small scale
           o    Evolve and grow business value

  • Real business examples that illustrate value from digitalization
  • Summary
Garrett Mazurenko
10:05 AM

•    Combining critical technologies to create enough breakthrough gains
•    Business capacity: The capacity and ability to work with available tools in this digital world
•    Managing people and change: Talent experience and talent agenda - who would you hire for the future world?

Marc Boulet
10:35 AM
11:05 AM

•    Cultural transformation - People can see digital transformation as a threat to their jobs - should they be worried? How do you get people to come along the change journey and at what stage?
•    Debating the main motives behind the latest rapid application of digitalization in oil and gas – Is it covid or energy transition? Did Covid help oil and gas companies to sell digital projects internally? How did they manage to deploy faster?
•    What did Covid prioritize? what did It stop? and what were the benefits of it?
•    Reviewing the role of IoT in accelerating post-covid recovery in the oil and gas industry - Did it speed digitalization? How did covid impact oil and gas companies in Canada? Listing industry examples where digital transformation was accelerated due to covid


Roger Milley Hilary Nindorf Marc Boulet Christine Forfar Kjell Raemdonck
Wednesday, April 27, 2022
12:05 PM

•    Capturing real time data in well and pipelines utilizing sensor technology
•    Optimizing exploration and production decisions with advanced data analytics

Mark Derry
12:35 PM
Shawn Martens
Networking lunch sponsored by IronSight
1:35 PM

Table 1: Discussing data management and ownership – Who should own it? and why?
Table 2: Examining the best ways to handle the enormous volume of data
Table 3: Reviewing Metadata and recent data standards – what is it and what should it include?
Table 4: Data Quality: what is it, how do you measure it and improve it
Table 5: Debating the use of data: Do you think of data as an asset or an expense?

Dan Elliott
2:35 PM

•    Importance of high-quality ESG data – companies being measured by financial stakeholders; better decision-making; supporting the narrative for disclosure
•    Metrics and Materiality – There are a number of reporting frameworks that companies report to, each with their own set of metrics; materiality helps take a deep look inward to help determine what ESG issues matter most
•    ESG Data Collection – Tremendous effort goes into data collection and reconciliation from various sources; supply chain and other Scope 3 is even tougher
•    Validation and Assurance – Data collection processes sometimes don’t have an audit trail, so third-party assurance may be required to avoid scrutiny

Amit Bhargava Kris Frederickson Marie Jurcevic Sarah Favel Chris Wallace
Wednesday, April 27, 2022
3:35 PM
4:05 PM

•    Drivers of digitization technologies for ESG
•    Building a standard and collaborative framework for emissions reduction
•    Charting a net-zero pathway by facilitating the implementation of IoT, Digitalization, and Prediction technologies

Phil Demers
4:35 PM

•    Improve productivity by up to 33% due to less travel and unrestricted data access
•    Leverage AI/ML models to connect enterprise information management systems to a virtual model of a remote site, enabling predictive asset integrity
•    Improve business continuity efforts while reducing site exposure hours
•    Provide digital emission monitoring in real-time

Trevor MacMaster ROB SOUTHON
5:05 PM

Digital transformation is undoubtedly one of most researched topics amongst the 21st century. It is being defined as the using of digital technologies to improve business processes, culture, and client experiences. For energy and environmental organizations, it means a new way to convert physical findings from the field, into digital, actionable insights, to maximize operational efficiency, team collaboration and cost savings. To many, it may seem like a matter of adding more apps and software into their already bloated technology stack - but is it really the case? Ironically, organizations often suffer not because of the lack of apps, but of having too many uncoordinated "silo" systems and databases. Studies have shown that average companies deploy over 100 apps and software in different areas of operations, and still find themselves constantly catching up with competition. So, the question remains - what are key considerations when bringing in your next piece of technology? How can you remain agile without massive re-investment, while technologies are changing ever so quickly? During this presentation, Vincent Lam from Matidor.com will walk through the most common mistakes made by companies when adopting new software and will provide some guidance to the latest technology landscape and deployment best practices.

Vincent Lam
5:20 PM
Roger Milley
5:25 PM
6:25 PM
Thursday, April 28, 2022
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
Roger Milley
9:05 AM

•    Introducing the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security’s “ransomware playbook” and bulletin to help Canadian organizations protect themselves from attacks and know how to react if they fall victim to one
•    Implementing strong cyber security measures to overcome increasing sophisticated ransomware attacks

Michael Russell
9:35 AM
  • Improving visibility and situational awareness of logistics and supply chain
  • Enabling predictions with IoT and AI to prevent disruptions, and unnecessary wait and waste    
  • Empowering the next generation oil and gas field workers with next generation digital tools    
  • Automating workflows of tickets, records and transactions with integrated IoT system of systems
Dr. Steve Liang Marvin Wong
10:20 AM

• Adapting organizational structure to support business model innovation
• Unified customer experience - Leveraging retail and trading to increase revenue
• Ecosystem management - Importance of R&D, technology incubators and start-ups
• Platform business model development- Becoming asset light and information intense

Simone Smith
10:50 AM
11:20 AM

•    Reviewing real life examples on what worked and what has not
•    Considerations: What people should consider to properly implement digital transformation?
•    Who is responsible of leading the way in your organization when it comes to digitalization? What about IT/OT integration?

Sheldon Wall
Thursday, April 28, 2022
11:50 AM
  • Learning about the fundamental transcending differences between AI and traditional machine learning and how they impact your organization
  • Discovering how AI/AR/IOT can be used to support operational, health & safety, and enterprise level use-cases in oil & gas.
  • Understanding how your digital oilfield workforce will be impacted by AI, AR, and IOT technology.
  • Gaining deeper insight into what the digital-twin, the meta-verse, and AI/AR/IOT technology have in common and what it means to your organization.
Sanjay Kommera William Aiken Justin Kurek David Armstrong Doug Spahic
Thursday, April 28, 2022
12:35 PM
Kwame Asiedu
Networking lunch  sponsored by Braintoy
1:35 PM
  • Using artificial intelligence to read P&IDs and Isometrics of industrial plants to build a digital model "twin" of the plant 
  • Creating master asset inventory or master tag list- valve, lines, equipment, I/O, control loops, and 3D models of plants 
  • Digitalizing for management change
Amardeep Sibia
1:50 PM

•    Overview of SAIT’s School of Advanced Digital Technology and new programming in the digital space
•    Discussion on the direction for SAIT’s MacPhail School of Energy and programming in the digital space as well as future programming needs
•    The importance of strong relationships between SAIT and Industry to ensure that curriculum is industry aligned and that graduates are able to contribute most effectively in their roles – as industry evolves, there is a need for deeper relationships with Industry to support competencies and work integrated learning
•    The importance of Work Integrated Learning in preparing graduates for industry
•    Current challenges attracting students into Petroleum Related programming
•    SAIT is a life long learning partner that offers corporate solutions and continuing education / professional studies. We work with our corporate clients to develop custom solutions to meet their needs.

Allan Fogwill Amos Ngai Dale Hansen
Thursday, April 28, 2022
2:35 PM

•    Sharing a comprehensive overview and growth opportunities of the oil and gas digital market dealing with big data and generating insights 
•    Discussing the existing challenges the Oil and Gas industry faces in Canada and highlighting the role of automation in overcoming those challenges. 
•    Benchmarking with a successful implementation of automation 

Allan Fogwill Dr. Prashanth H Southekal
3:05 PM
3:20 PM
  • How digital transformation is creating new opportunities for inclusion in the Oil & Gas industry   
  • The rise of ESG priorities as a catalyst for beneficial structural changes     
  • Ways that both the technology and energy sectors can support greater gender equity
Alexis Pappas Anamika Mukherjee Koleya Karringten
4:00 PM

The oil and gas industry continues to be a slow adopter of digitization and digitalization, even though it is critical for the industry. To accelerate the digital maturity, the industry really needs to co-innovate data driven augmented solutions, to reduce the capital waste, and data waste. Leveraging mature emerging big data technologies and scalable data science  is essential to generate exponential value. In this talk, I will highlight
•    the blockers for accelerating digital maturity
•    the exponential value created so far using multivariate, multi-dimensional complex historical and real-time data in the industry 
•    the success roadmap that has worked with our co-innovating partners around the world

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
4:30 PM
Roger Milley