Panel Discussion: Discussing the future of work in oil and gas after covid and the role of digitalization in affecting jobs
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 11:05 AM
ROGER MILLEY Hilary Nindorf Marc Boulet Christine Forfar Kjell Raemdonck

•    Cultural transformation - People can see digital transformation as a threat to their jobs - should they be worried? How do you get people to come along the change journey and at what stage?
•    Debating the main motives behind the latest rapid application of digitalization in oil and gas – Is it covid or energy transition? Did Covid help oil and gas companies to sell digital projects internally? How did they manage to deploy faster?
•    What did Covid prioritize? what did It stop? and what were the benefits of it?
•    Reviewing the role of IoT in accelerating post-covid recovery in the oil and gas industry - Did it speed digitalization? How did covid impact oil and gas companies in Canada? Listing industry examples where digital transformation was accelerated due to covid