What you need to know about digital transformation
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 5:05 PM
Vincent Lam

Digital transformation is undoubtedly one of most researched topics amongst the 21st century. It is being defined as the using of digital technologies to improve business processes, culture, and client experiences. For energy and environmental organizations, it means a new way to convert physical findings from the field, into digital, actionable insights, to maximize operational efficiency, team collaboration and cost savings. To many, it may seem like a matter of adding more apps and software into their already bloated technology stack - but is it really the case? Ironically, organizations often suffer not because of the lack of apps, but of having too many uncoordinated "silo" systems and databases. Studies have shown that average companies deploy over 100 apps and software in different areas of operations, and still find themselves constantly catching up with competition. So, the question remains - what are key considerations when bringing in your next piece of technology? How can you remain agile without massive re-investment, while technologies are changing ever so quickly? During this presentation, Vincent Lam from will walk through the most common mistakes made by companies when adopting new software and will provide some guidance to the latest technology landscape and deployment best practices.