Full Name
Richard Venerus
Job Title
Venerus Advisory Partners
Speaker Bio
Founder and President at Venerus Advisory Partners
Venerus Advisory Partners (VAP) is a professional advisory (established in 2011) with a goal of helping its clients have more productive, rewarding and profitable business relationships. VAP combines the storied expertise of its partners with the application of a unique, collaborative approach to relationship management.
Our suite of services is designed to span the commercial lifecycle of a construction project. We strive to assure project success by assisting clients with: collaboration during FEED, best practices in project management, procurement, contract formation, construction management, contraction administration, claims management and alternative dispute resolution.
Richard has over 20 years of experience in commercial management in a diverse set of industries, including technology, financial services, transportation, construction and oil and gas. He is a qualified lawyer, certified in Construction Law and holds a MBA. Richard is professionally trained or certified in Project Management, Change Management, Construction Contract Administration, Adult Education, Mediation, Arbitration and ISO 44001- Collaborative Working.
When not being an entrepreneur, Richard enjoys travelling with his young family to warm water locations that offer the opportunity for him to maintain his certification as a Master Scuba-Diver. Residing in Calgary, Canada, Richard can be reached at richard@veneruspartners.com or 1.855.820.4234.
Richard Venerus