Speaker spotlight one: How to stay competitive and efficient in the new norm: A case of digital transformation with oil and gas producers and consultants

During these unprecedented times, the ability to maintain project efficiency and ongoing team collaboration, while continuing to regulate costs can single-handedly determine the longevity of many environmental services organizations. As difficult of a task as that may seem, it is not impossible. With new government grants available and revolutionary new software solutions, remediation and fieldwork can continue and even thrive in the current climate.

 In this session, we will use real-life case studies to demonstrate how upstream operators and consultants have taken advantage of technological innovations to improve collaboration and efficiency across project teams. tremendously helped field services and operators. Their success stories are based on the introduction of digital solutions and better visibility, instead of a paper-driven work process. Matidor's users report increased productivity levels thanks to enhanced management experience, improved data transfer, elimination of paperwork redundancies, and administrative overhauls. Delays and associated costs are avoided by tracking the progress of physically remote projects with Meanwhile, stakeholders gained access to a new level of real-time reporting. Lost time is often eliminated, and where it still exists, it becomes visible and trackable so consultants can address the operational bottlenecks.

Date & Time
Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 2:10 PM - 2:30 PM