Full Name
Pachari Detpunyawat
Job Title
Ph.D. Researcher, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
University of Calgary
Speaker Bio
Pachari is a research project specialist as part of global research initiative at the University of Calgary and a current Ph.D. in Chemical and Reservoir Engineering. Working on new Hydrogen Production & Storage and In Situ Oil sands technologies, she sees the benefit of digitalization as an emerging approach to solve industrial problems with complex mechanisms and high data dimensions using the digital twins’ concept to model and investigate production processes and reservoir mechanism and performance.
With over 12 years of technology development experience working in an upstream energy business, she held roles in various multidisciplinary teams related to the end-to-end exploration and production of energy resources in leading integration of technologies on an existing asset to improve subsurface, engineering and operations. Her bachelor background in Robotics, Autonomous system and AI and knowledge of current industry trends allows her to deliver practical digitalization initiatives to maximize the value of Alberta’s energy resource.
Pachari Detpunyawat